Semlor buns – the ultimate Lenten treat

Want to share in our secret for banishing the grey day blues? Treat yourself to one of our gorgeously indulgent semlor Lenten buns.

Semlor buns are a Scandinavian treat which are so special that they’re only made at this time of year. Traditionally, bakers sell them in the run-up to Lent (February 17th) and once we tried them, we decided it was a custom we had to observe here, too.

Haxby Bakehouse has put its own slant on the buns, which are cardamom-scented and like a super-tasty cross between a doughnut and bread. We add our own special almond cream to the middle, and top it with a thick layer of heavenly whipped cream.

We enjoy adding seasonal variation to our baking repertoire and every year we convert more customers to this rival to Shrove Tuesday pancakes. Swedish folk love semlor buns so much they eat an estimated six million of them on Fat Tuesday, their name for Shrove Tuesday, which isn’t bad for a population of just over 10 million.

Add a warm glow to your home by serving this irresistible treat, baked every day in our Haxby Bakehouse ovens until the beginning of Lent.

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