Free local traders’ map is here!

A map guiding visitors to all the traders in Haxby is now available free from Haxby Bakehouse.

The map, expertly drawn by local Sixth Form student Sam Brown, shows 38 businesses in the centre of Haxby, points to those in Wigginton, and lists almost 100 businesses operating out of the area.

We’ve produced it to show both local people and visitors the huge variety of businesses which make us proud to be part of Haxby. Because whether you’re shopping, eating, drinking, exercising or pampering, you need go no further.

Bakehouse owner Tina Clayton said: “Haxby and Wigginton offer just about everything you could need, in terms of both shopping and leisure, and someone getting off a bus in The Village might not necessarily realise that.

“I asked Sam to come up with a map displaying how many shops there are in The Village alone and I think he’s done a brilliant job.”

The map is being distributed to local residents with the Local Link and is also available to pick up free from Haxby Bakehouse.

Eat in at Haxby Bakehouse

Now you can eat in at Haxby Bakehouse, thanks to our smart new seating area for customers who can’t wait to get home to devour our fantastic bread and deli products.

Take your pick from breakfast, lunch, morning coffee or an afternoon snack. Choose from our Specials Board,  deli delights, or try one of our freshly-made sandwiches – all served with garnishes including chutney, salad, pickles, coleslaw and potato salad. We also make gorgeous toasties.

Relax and watch the world go by on our high stools at the window. Or fluff up the cushions and chill out on our corner bench with a table. You’re perfectly placed to admire our old bread mixer, now repurposed as a plant holder.

You can also browse our second-hand cookbook collection, which we’re selling to raise funds to help the people of Ukraine. And if you fancy some fresh air, our outside seating’s waiting for you.

A new counter layout gives us more space to display our fabulous wares – and we think it all looks rather good. If you haven’t been in for a while, come and check it out and let us know what you think. Oh, and don’t forget our new opening hours: 9am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday.

New Netherton Foundry cookware now in stock

If you’re looking for a stylish pan for life which conducts heat perfectly with no hot spots, check out our range of cast iron pans, woks and cooking plates from Netherton Foundry.

The Shropshire-based foundry uses traditional methods, local supply partners and sustainable materials to make the distinctive, elegant cookware with a black matt finish, oak handles and brass fittings.

We’ve been stocking them since 2019, when we were impressed by this relatively small family business which shared our values – and made a product we just loved using. Since then they’ve been name-checked by several famous chefs and had numerous write-ups in national publications.

The range comes pre-seasoned with flax oil for a non-stick durable finish. No chemicals or PTFE (commercially known as Teflon) are used in the coating of the plates and they work equally well on ranges, electric, gas, ceramic halogen and induction hobs. 

The range includes:

  • Iron saucepans and lids
  • Two sizes of woks
  • Black iron griddle and baking plate for use in the oven, under the grill, on the hob or open fires.
  • Pizza peels with long and short handles… perfect for wood-fired pizza ovens
  • A stunning tortilla press which is perfect for authentic Mexican tortillas


Prices start at £50 – which is really reasonable when you consider these substantial kitchen essentials are made to use, treasure and pass on.

Pop along and choose your Netherton Foundry classic today. You can feel they’re solidly-made, yet not too heavy. And the craftsmanship is plain to see. We’re really proud to stock this range at the Haxby Bakehouse.

A taste to relish!

We love hearing about the many ways our customers enjoy Haxby Bakehouse breads and deli products – and chutneys, jams and other preserves consistently top the list.

It prompted us to seek out a local supplier who matched us for flavour, consistency and enough quirkiness to set them apart… and local producer The Fruity Kitchen ticked all the boxes.

The little jam factory in nearby Sutton-on-the-Forest is just as passionate about getting every jar right as we are about each loaf. When we started using its chutneys and relishes in our hand-made sandwiches, customers loved them so much they wanted to buy their own.

So now we’re proud to stock Haxby Bakehouse-branded chutneys and relishes, jams and marmalades, all lovingly produced in small batches by The Fruity Kitchen. The range includes Autumn Chutney with Black Sheep Ale, Hot & Spicy Chutney, Apricot and Ginger Chutney and Hamburger Relish. Ask for them the next time you order a sandwich – or treat yourself to a whole jar!

Bakehouse proud to be part of Producer Markets

Tang Hall Producer Market

One of the best parts of our mission to produce the finest traditional, additive-free bread is getting out and meeting our customers, as well as other like-minded local producers.

Fabulous locally-grown and made produce

That’s why we love the monthly Producer Markets held in Tang Hall, along with the weekly markets held every Wednesday night. If you haven’t been yet you’re seriously missing out.

Stall-holders at the market are all local, small-scale food growers and makers selling organic, local, sustainably-grown produce like veg, fruit, meat, plants, cakes, eggs and dairy, oils, dried fruit and seeds, plus jams and chutneys. There’s also gorgeous takeaway food and hot drinks.

Phil manning the Haxby Bakehouse stall. Should have taken the pic earlier when it was full!

They meet at Tang Hall Community Centre (out in the car park at the moment) as part of Food Circle York’s ambition of creating a new sustainable food system to bring affordable local fresh product to local people.

Food Circle York was set up by super-chef Joe Fennerty, who’s worked in the finest restaurants (currently Skosh York) as a bread and pastry chef. The markets are held at Tang Hall Community Centre, at the junction of Fifth Avenue and Melrosegate, on Wednesdays from 4-6pm and the last Saturday in every month from 12-2pm.

Phil, the Haxby Bakehouse owner-baker, mans our stall at the Producer Markets, and our bread is also available at the Wednesday night markets. See you there!

For more information see @FoodCircleYork on Facebook and get onto the mailing list.


Garofalo pasta now on sale at the deli

As artisan bakers we’re full of respect for food made properly, which is why we jumped at the chance to add Garofalo pasta to our deli range.

The company combines artisan tradition with industrial innovation to produce dried pasta that we think is stunning. They’re also big on their environmental and social responsibilities, which is a huge plus for us.

Garofalo are obsessed with the taste, colour and “lively dish presence” of their pasta.  They talk about its “outstanding personality” and ensure it delivers “a unique tactile experience in the mouth.”

Spend any time with us and you’ll realise we’re similarly obsessive about our bread. So we recognise the signs of quality when we see it.

We now stock Garofalo’s Orzo, Macaroni and Orecchiette, all made in the celebrated dried pasta producing area of Gragnano, in southern Italy. That’s alongside our Seggiano range of Tuscan organic pasta, La Molisana tagliarini from Campobasso, southern Italy, and the brilliant Yorkshire Pasta from Malton.

Give them a try and show ‘em at home how proper pasta tastes. You won’t look back.

Magical hand-made Easter treats

Looking for a special Easter treat for the chocaholic in your life? We’ve taken delivery of some mouth-wateringly gorgeous bunnies and hens to make them smile.

Our exclusive supply of magical handmade chocolates from White Rabbit Chocolatiers in Beverley includes an Easter Hen decorated with orange polka dots on thick masterblend chocolate, containing two milk chocolate eggs. Or grab an Easter Bunny decorated with pink polka dots… it’s a thin layer of white chocolate over thick masterblend milk chocolate and contains two milk chocolate carrots.

White Rabbit Chocolatiers is an award-winning second generation family business whose talented Chocolatiers hand-craft chocolate in small batches using traditional techniques. Our Haxby Bakehouse deli range also includes cute little Easter hens and bunnies with a mini-egg, as well as a selection of chocolate bars which include the Easter special Cherry Bakewell flavour.

The Bakehouse is open as normal over Easter, serving up delicious artisan bread, pastries, cakes, cheeses, charcuterie and special ingredients. Our hours are:

Good Friday: 10-5

Saturday: 9-5

Easter Sunday and Monday: Closed

Tuesday 6th: 10-5


Warm yourself up with a sumptuous hot chocolate made by York Cocoa Works and now available as part of our takeaway hot drinks selection.

Take your pick from Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate or Chocolate Orange – all made with creamy milk and gorgeous real chocolate flakes handmade at York Cocoa Works.

The independent company is based in Castlegate, York, where owner Sophie and her team are as fanatical about getting their recipes right as we are with our breads, pastries and cakes. We’ve stocked up on our favourite flavours to share them with you. Choose from:

  • Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate flakes handcrafted from 40% milk chocolate and whole cream milk powder combined with Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla to give a rich and velvety balance.
  • White Chocolate Hot Chocolate flakes are 36% white chocolate mixed with rich whole cream milk powder combined and Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla.
  • Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate uses 50% classic hot chocolate crafted from single origin cocoa flavoured with orange oil, to give a rich and balanced treat.

We also sell a range of hot teas and coffees to keep you warm as you continue your journey. They go perfectly with our mouth-wateringly good Haxby Baker pastries and cakes selection by Bakehouse in the Barn. And from Friday, we’ll be selling bags of York Cocoa Works’ Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate so you can make it at home. Drop in and treat yourself today.

Happy #RealBreadWeek!

Every week is Real Bread Week at Haxby Bakehouse but this week is we’re proud to support the official annual celebration of additive-free loaves and the people who make them.

That’s you too: we applaud anyone who makes their own bread and keeps the process as natural as possible. We sell our ingredients at the Bakehouse – so why not seize the dough and start baking your own today?

Making real bread is fun and satisfying. Making it with the kids is a great way to steer them towards healthier food: you’d be amazed at the number of children who ‘don’t like wholemeal’ but love it when it’s lovingly made by their own mitts. Real Bread is:

  • Better for you Most mass-produced loaves have artificial additives, high levels of yeast to force the dough to rise quickly, and perhaps a dollop of fat. Some are sprayed with chemicals to slow the growth of mould. The whole bread-making process can take as little as 45 minutes from start to finish. Our sourdough bread takes three days to make and uses no flour improvers, no hydrogenised fat and no preservatives. Not only does that result in a tastier loaf but by the time you eat it, the naturally-occurring enzymes have started to break down the gluten, so it’s easier to digest.
  • Better for our community Money spent with local businesses is worth far more to a local economy than money spent at, say, a supermarket. We employ local people and buy from local suppliers where possible. One study found that, of every £1 spent with local businesses, an average of 76% was re-invested locally. By contrast, for every £1 spent with suppliers based outside the area, only 36p was returned*.
  • Better for our planet The big bakers producing the majority of our loaves transport more than twelve million of them around the country each day**. Diesel-guzzling lorry loads travel up and down motorways from large plant bakeries to central distribution depots, then local distribution hubs and on to retailers. The majority of our flour comes from Yorkshire and we make a point of using local suppliers.

Our owner-baker Phil Clayton is proud to be a Real Bread ambassador and is serious about his responsibility to choose his ingredients wisely and carefully. Help us support the environment and our wonderful local farmers by making or buying real bread. Share photos of your bread this week with the hashtag #WeAreRealBread.

Find tips and recipes for making Real Bread here.

* Sacks, J. Public spending for public benefit, New Economics Foundation, London, July 2005
** Calculated by Sustain from figures published by the Flour Advisory Bureau and Federation of Bakers.

Oat and honey loaf – it’s Yorkshire’s finest!

Oat and honey loaf from Haxby Bakehouse

Have you tried our oat and honey loaves yet? They’re specially made with Lovely Strensall Honey, Yorkshire Organic flour and oats from Stringers of Driffield, making them a real local treat.

Tommy Banks, chef-owner of The Black Swan, Oldstead and Roots in York – both of which now have Michelin Stars – likes the loaves so much he included them in his sell-out Made in Oldstead Valentine’s boxes.

You can still get oat and honey loaves every day at Haxby Bakehouse, though. What makes them extra special (apart from our baking skills, obvs!) is the amazing honey supplied to us by Rich, a beekeeper extraordinaire from Strensall.

We’ve been selling his honey in jars for some time and one day he came into the shop apologising because some of the honey had started to ferment. Phil, our head baker, was delighted as he’d just seen a renowned chef waxing lyrical about fermented honey on a documentary series. A few trial runs later and the Oat and Honey Loaf was born.

A real Yorkshire treat

Phil says: “The Lovely Strensall honey we use is slightly fermented, which means the water content is higher and the honey’s started to ferment. That makes the flavour get really strong which is perfect for us because you get a lovely honey flavour without the sweetness.

“We also use 100% Yorkshire Organic flour, supplied to us by Yorkshire Organic Millers, based on the North York Moors National Park, and the oats are from Stringer’s, who farm organically on the Yorkshire Wolds.

“We think the resulting loaf is great. And far nicer for being 100% Yorkshire.”

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