Free local traders’ map is here!

A map guiding visitors to all the traders in Haxby is now available free from Haxby Bakehouse.

The map, expertly drawn by local Sixth Form student Sam Brown, shows 38 businesses in the centre of Haxby, points to those in Wigginton, and lists almost 100 businesses operating out of the area.

We’ve produced it to show both local people and visitors the huge variety of businesses which make us proud to be part of Haxby. Because whether you’re shopping, eating, drinking, exercising or pampering, you need go no further.

Bakehouse owner Tina Clayton said: “Haxby and Wigginton offer just about everything you could need, in terms of both shopping and leisure, and someone getting off a bus in The Village might not necessarily realise that.

“I asked Sam to come up with a map displaying how many shops there are in The Village alone and I think he’s done a brilliant job.”

The map is being distributed to local residents with the Local Link and is also available to pick up free from Haxby Bakehouse.

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