Garofalo pasta now on sale at the deli

As artisan bakers we’re full of respect for food made properly, which is why we jumped at the chance to add Garofalo pasta to our deli range.

The company combines artisan tradition with industrial innovation to produce dried pasta that we think is stunning. They’re also big on their environmental and social responsibilities, which is a huge plus for us.

Garofalo are obsessed with the taste, colour and “lively dish presence” of their pasta.  They talk about its “outstanding personality” and ensure it delivers “a unique tactile experience in the mouth.”

Spend any time with us and you’ll realise we’re similarly obsessive about our bread. So we recognise the signs of quality when we see it.

We now stock Garofalo’s Orzo, Macaroni and Orecchiette, all made in the celebrated dried pasta producing area of Gragnano, in southern Italy. That’s alongside our Seggiano range of Tuscan organic pasta, La Molisana tagliarini from Campobasso, southern Italy, and the brilliant Yorkshire Pasta from Malton.

Give them a try and show ‘em at home how proper pasta tastes. You won’t look back.

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